Skeptic Society is an independent, secular online magazine committed to original ideas, free thought and freedom of speech. We regularly publish articles on various subjects, such as politics, religion, book reviews, science and technology, We publish any material that truly thought-provoking.

Scepticism is something not very fashionable in Society. When everyone trying to fit in some way, to be part of ‘something’, being a skeptic goes against all of that. Being a fundamental skeptic makes you less popular, disliked, a social outcast. So on competing for attention-seeking popularity driven world, Skeptic Society tries to stand against the tide, perhaps help you share your ideas to the world.

You can only fight an ‘Idea’ with another one, not necessarily an opposite one but maybe a competing one. Since change is the only constant thing, we will try to change people’s minds with ideas.

Skeptic Society can be a platform for debate ideas, social norms, knowledge, or beliefs.

So please go ahead and write your thoughts on this blog. We will try to give you justice and respect it deserves.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you like to publish in here.