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Why You’ll Start Seeing More Original Content on Instagram Soon

Why You’ll Start Seeing More Original Content on Instagram Soon

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Key Takeaways

  • Instagram will boost original content in recommendations and penalize accounts that repost non-original content.
  • The changes won’t impact what you see from those you follow, but they should mean that more original creators appear as recommended posts.
  • Adam Mosseri announced on April 30th that these implementations would roll out over the summer.

Instagram is set to make huge changes to its algorithm in the summer of 2024, and original content will receive more of a priority. Here’s what’s set to happen and how these adjustments will affect your Instagram feed.

Instagram Changes Recommendations to Focus on Original Content

On April 30th, Instagram Head Adam Mosseri announced two big changes to the platform. The first relates to seeing more original content in recommendations. These changes will affect both Reels and photos.

Mosseri said that Instagram will implement a “direct replace” method. This means that when Instagram finds two identical pieces of content, it will try to find and push the original creator’s post to users not following that account—rather than promoting repost profiles that don’t make enhancements to what they share.

The second change involves penalizing aggregator accounts that post unoriginal content 10 or more times in a 30-day period, as was posted on the Instagram Creators website:

In the coming months, accounts that repeatedly (10 or more times in the last 30 days) post content from other Instagram users that they didn’t create or enhance in a material way will not be shown in surfaces where we recommend content.

These accounts can become eligible for recommendations again after 30 days have passed since the last time they posted unoriginal content; this can be checked by using account status where they will also have the option to appeal.

Instagram said that these changes “will not impact a set of publishers we’ve identified who have licensing agreements and/or explicit permissions from content creators”.

How the Recommendations Change Will Affect Your Instagram Feed

Now that you know what’s changing on Instagram, let’s look at how these adjustments might affect what you see on your feed.

1. These Changes Probably Won’t Impact Content You See From Those You Follow

One interesting note is that Mosseri said these changes would impact recommended posts and not accounts that you already follow. So, you’ll continue seeing content from repost accounts that you follow; they just won’t be able to reach users via recommendations anymore.

While many users have complained about no longer seeing as many posts from their friends and family, Instagram hasn’t said whether you’ll see more content from people you follow or if it’ll reduce the number of recommendations on your home feed. The best way to disable algorithmic feeds on Instagram is by going to the top of your screen and selecting Following from the dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can get notifications from people you follow if you’re interested in specific accounts.

2. You’ll Probably Discover Interesting New Accounts

The accounts you see in your recommendations will undoubtedly change, and if all goes well, you should see more original creators. Instagram mentioned on its Creators website that it wants to “give all creators an equal chance of breaking through”, meaning that you may also see smaller and previously underrated accounts on your feed. And because you’re seeing more original creators, you’ll hopefully find a bigger community of like-minded people.

Instagram’s algorithmic changes look set to be some of its biggest in recent memory, and these adjustments should hopefully benefit original creators. It could also lead to innovation and creativity, since repost accounts will need to think of new ways to grow their audiences. Keep an eye out for these changes as they roll out across the world this summer and beyond.

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