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Where to find G-Rock in Hades 2

Where to find G-Rock in Hades 2

Sounding a bit like a semi-famous rapper, G-Rock is currently one of the most sought-after items in the early access versions of Hades 2 at the moment. The game has a few rare resources that your run can depend on, and knowing at least where they are beforehand can make a lot of difference in a playthrough.

As G-Rock – or Glassrock to give it its proper name is so tricky to get your hellish hands on, let’s wander out there together and see if we can make it any easier for you.

How to get G Rock

Right, don’t be thinking this is going to be easy because it is not going to be. You have two bosses to defeat en route and even if you have panicked and activated God Mode this is not a day trip.

G-Rock or Glassrock is found in veins in the Mourning Fields. When you eventually get there you are looking for sharp, black rock coming out of the ground. Presumably, it is Obsidian as that is a naturally occurring volcanic glass. Presumably, somebody thought G Rock sounded way cooler.

Before you even get to the Mourning Fields though you will encounter, and have to defeat the Scylla and the Sirens boss (that sounds like an awful 80s band name).

For every vein you found you can farm three pieces of G-Rock and if you are struggling to find it, use the the Reagent Sensing incantation before you set out and it will tip you off with an audible alert when any is close by.

What is G Rock?

When you start out a new game of Hades 2 a total of four of the game’s five weapons are available to you. The fifth, the Argent Skull is not. To craft it you need a little sprinkling of G Rock, and therefore finding it is essential to complete your arsenal.

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