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Viewers gush over father in tears dropping his child off at preschool

Viewers gush over father in tears dropping his child off at preschool

A mother has shared her husband’s heartbreaking reaction to dropping their child off at school for the first time.

Mary Harper recently took to TikTok to share exactly what happened when both she and her husband, Samajee, dropped off their son, Isaiah for his first day of preschool. “POV: Dropping your three year old off at preschool for the first time,” text across the screen read in her video.

Both Mary and Samajee were sitting in their car assumed to be immediately after dropping off their son. The clip shows Mary about to cry until her husband starts sobbing. “I thought I was gonna be cool bruh,” Samajee was saying in between tears.

He can be heard saying that after dropping Isaiah off, the child turned around to look at his father before he left, and that was what made him so emotional. “It was the look on his face. I couldn’t do it,” he said.

Because of Samajee’s crying, Mary just started laughing, making her slightly forget about her own sadness. “I was crying, but then my husband started crying so hard that it made me laugh,” Mary wrote on the clip.

“Bro I am weakkk,” she captioned her TikTok.

The video went on to receive over seven million views, with many people leaving comments about Samajee’s reaction to dropping his son off.

“His voice trembling. He felt like he did his boy so wrong omg,” one comment read.

Another commenter agreed, writing: “I LOVE SEEING PARENTS LOVE THEIR KIDS. You both are so sweet. I am so glad he has you both.”

“This is so sweet. That you dropped him off together, that you sat and reflected, displayed emotions, laughed and cried. Beautiful,” a third commenter pointed out.

Other commenters reflected on their own parenting experiences, comparing the event to dropping their child off at college.

“Why is this me and my husband last fall when we dropped our son off at college,” one person wrote.

Added another: “We all thought we were gonna be cool and we all bawled in the car.”

Reflecting on the experience in an interview with Today , the mother explained that everything was going well with Isaiah until she told him that his parents were leaving.

“Everything was fine until I said: ‘Isaiah, Mommy and Daddy are leaving now,’” she recalled to the outlet. “And that’s when he gives us the saddest face I’ve ever seen in my life. Then he starts crying those silent tears.”

At that point, Mary said she “fell apart”.

“I’m crying and hugging him, and expecting my husband to be like: ‘Girl, get it together, let’s go,’ but I looked over and his eyes are bloodshot,’” she said.

On their way out, Mary and Samajee peeked at Isaiah through a little window.

“His teacher was holding him and consoling him, so I felt a million times better, but Sam, not so much,” she said. “He kept going: ‘I’m not okay. I’m not okay.’ It was so sad, but also hilarious.”

When her toddler got home, he was happy to report his first day was a big success. “Isaiah told me about how much he loved the playground and his new teacher,” the proud mom recalled. “He was so ready to go back again.”

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