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This AI Photo Editing App Is a Must-Have: 3 Reasons Why

This AI Photo Editing App Is a Must-Have: 3 Reasons Why
This AI Photo Editing App Is a Must-Have: 3 Reasons Why


Key Takeaways

  • Luminar Neo introduces Water Enhancer AI for quick and precise editing of water in your photos.
  • Twilight Enhancer AI simplifies editing twilight landscapes by allowing you to adjust the sky, scenes, and individual areas.
  • Object Select AI streamlines subject selection for easier and faster editing.

Luminar Neo has always been one step ahead of the photo editing game with its AI features. The Spring 2024 update—which will be available from April 25th, 2024—introduces three must-have AI photo editing features. Let’s see what they are.

1. Water Enhancer AI

Ever take a beautiful photo of a waterscape but the color of the water just ruins the shot? Luminar Neo’s AI Water Enhancer can fix that in seconds. The Water Enhancer tool automatically identifies and masks any water in your image, and you can refine the AI selection if required.

Luminar Neo Water Enhancer AI Before

Find the Water Enhancer tool under the Landscape edit tools and use it to change the color from dirty brown, dark, or uninteresting to natural hues of blues and greens with luminescent reflections. The Water Enhancer AI tool has six sliders: Amount (strength), Blue, Green, Original Color, Brightness, and Contrast.

Luminar Neo Water Enhancer AI After

Below the main tool are options to refine the mask. Here, you can draw, erase, or restore the masked area, and within that, you can change the size, softness, strength, feathering, and depth of the mask.

Luminar Neo Water Enhancer Refine

This AI tool provides natural and even results that save a ton of time. There are plenty of other ways to use Luminar Neo more effectively to improve your photos.

2. Twilight Enhancer AI

Luminar Neo’s Twilight Enhancer AI tool enhances your twilight landscapes. And it’s not just for editing the sky in your twilight photo, it also edits the entire scene to match.

Luminar Neo Twilight Enhancer Before

Upload an image to the Catalog and find the Twilight Enhancer tool under the Landscape edit tools. The main tool offers global adjustments and masking, with a choice of five gradient presets. Like with Water Enhancer AI, you can create and refine a masked area if you only want to edit the sky or one part of your photo.

Luminar Neo Twilight Enhancer Mask

There are also sliders that affect five select areas of your photo, so you can edit parts of your landscape separately, including Sky, Dawn, Scene, Water Reflection, and Mask Refinement.

Luminar Neo Twilight Enhancer After

Skylum has thought of it all with its Twilight Enhancer AI tool. Not only can you create the perfect sky for your scene, but the individual sliders allow you to get the colors, shading, and exposure just right across the board. This tool feels like six tools in one!

3. Object Select AI

Object Select AI is Luminar Neo’s tool for making quick selections of subjects or shapes in your photos. It’s very helpful when you have many areas to select, and it’ll save time on drawing precise selections around each area.

Luminar Neo Object Select AI Mask

This handy tool can be found within the Masking section of any edit tool. With it, you can use AI to select the areas in which you want your chosen tool to be applied.

Luminar Neo Object Select AI Selection

With an option to Add and another to Subtract, it’s easy to add or remove the mask from multiple elements. Return to the Adjustments for the tool you’re using, and any adjustments you make will be applied to the masked areas. Quick and simple, with great results.

Luminar Neo Object Select AI Black and White Results

Luminar Neo also has a few generative AI tools which were released in 2023. GenSwap lets you add or replace objects, GenExpand lets you expand your borders, and GenErase lets you easily remove elements without a trace.

How to Get Luminar Neo

You can purchase Luminar Neo directly from Skylum’s website, or you can download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store for your device’s system. iPad users can also purchase Luminar for iPad, although its features aren’t as in-depth as the computer software.

Prices start from $11.95 per month, which includes a basic bundle of tools along with some presets—this can be bought for one month or as a monthly rolling subscription. The annual subscriptions go for $79 (12 months) or $119 (24 months), both include the Spring Assets Collection and a Forest Photography Masterclass, along with free presets. There is a 7-day free trial.

There’s also a lifetime license available for $199. This license includes everything in the annual subscription, plus one year’s access to generative AI tools. Luminar Neo allows you to buy extensions to add to your license without needing to purchase a new license.

Luminar Neo isn’t just a standalone tool. You can also use it as a plugin on various other software, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and the Apple Mac Photos app to enhance your workflow with AI editing tools.

There are many great photo editing tools on the market, but Luminar Neo’s AI offerings are in a league of their own—integrating them into your editing workflow will transform your photos. Water Enhancer AI, Twilight Enhancer AI, and Object Select AI will become available from April 25th, 2024.


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