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The UK’s ‘narrowest’ home no wider than a London bus on sale for £225,000 | UK | News

The UK’s ‘narrowest’ home no wider than a London bus on sale for £225,000 | UK | News

A property – believed to be one of the narrowest in the UK – no wider than a London bus has left people in hysterics as owners attempt to flog it for £225,000. The one-bedroom terraced home is set in Edgware, North West London, where properties on the same street sell for an average of between £460,000 to £550,000.

At first glance, this house seems exceptionally priced, with an asking price of just £225,000 for a property located in Zone 4 of the capital.

But there appears to be a catch, with the small home appearing to be attached to someone else’s home, even going as far as to sharing a drive that they won’t be able to use as the listing says it’s “on street parking” only.

Some have speculated that the owners of the adjoining home managed to get planning permission to convert their garage into the two-storey home in a bid to make some extra cash.

It is currently listed on Rightmove with Oyster Properties, with the agents listing some of the key selling features on the listing. One of them is that the property benefits from its “own entrance”.

According to the floorplan included in the listing, the downstairs is 2.21m wide. A London bus is actually wider, measuring 2.55m.

It’s listed as being “ideal for first time buyers or investment with potential rental income of approx £1,200 per calendar month”.

Posting about the listing on TikTok, user @tiktokestateagent mocked the home, branding it an “eyesore”.

He said: “To me, this is absolute sheer greed on another level. I know there’s a housing crisis but lets not start knocking down our garages and building terraced properties as a way to answer that.”

He added: “I don’t know how they can get away with classing that as a terraced property. To me, that’s a one-bedroom maisonette flat.”

After the video went viral, others were quick to agree with him. One person wrote: “Notorious across this area of London for exploiting planning laws.”

Another wrote: “So basically a glorified annexe for £225,000. London is not real”. A third chimed in: “No because this has actually pi***d me off. What the hell.”

A fourth said: “Created by some greedy individual who would rent out a wheelie bin if they could get away with it.”

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