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The Refinery guides you to a life of fulfillment and faith in just six weeks

The Refinery guides you to a life of fulfillment and faith in just six weeks

How bestselling author Lori McAfee delivers a timeless gift to her readers

ATLANTA– Lori McAfee, celebrated author and inspirational life coach, releases her latest devotional workbook, The Refinery: A 6-Week Bible Study to an Abundant Life. Drawing from the profound imagery of John 15:1-17, McAfee crafts a transformative experience that empowers readers to connect more deeply with their faith and cultivate a fruitful spiritual life.

Designed with elegance and contemporary flair, The Refinery is not just a workbook but a spiritual journey. Over six weeks, participants will engage with enriching lessons on scripture, reflect on key verses, and explore insightful commentary that deepens their understanding of Biblical truths. Each session includes engaging questions, prayer suggestions, and uplifting illustrations, fostering both personal reflection and group study.

McAfee utilizes her unique R.E.F.I.N.E. method to help readers identify and eliminate spiritual impurities that hinder their relationship with God. This guided approach ensures that every participant can achieve a closer communion with Jesus and embrace the abundant life promised in scripture.

Lori McAfee shares her vision for the workbook: In ‘The Refinery’, I invite readers to join me in a journey of spiritual renewal. This workbook is designed to be a tool that facilitates personal growth and deeper faith, aiming to bring people closer to the abundant life that God promises through scripture.

As spring gives way to summer, months traditionally viewed as times of growth and spiritual awakening, The Refinery offers a timely tool for those seeking to deepen their spiritual practice. It is an ideal resource for both individual believers and church study groups who are looking to enrich their spiritual walk.

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About Lori McAfee:

Lori McAfee is a bestselling author of Burning Hope, inspirational life coach, speaker, and the host of the popular podcast “Get Your Rear In Gear.” As a certified life coach and emotional intelligence practitioner, she is dedicated to helping individuals rediscover their inner strength and genuine self-confidence. With a deep-rooted faith in Jesus, McAfee is committed to making a lasting impact through her encouraging spirit and uplifting wisdom.

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