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Tesla’s latest ‘million vehicle safety recall’ is about font sizes

Tesla’s latest ‘million vehicle safety recall’ is about font sizes

Tesla is having to “recall” over 2 million vehicles, but again, the fix is just a software update and this time, it’s about font sizes. Seriously.

I opened the Wall Street Journal today, and bang: Tesla recalls millions of vehicles over latest safety flaw:

Millions of vehicles? Safety flaw? Oh lord, this seems like a big deal, but then I remembered it’s the Wall Street Journal, and they like to scare you about the smallest software updates possible. This is one of those cases.

NHTSA issued a recall notice for all Tesla vehicles due to the font size of its warning light indicators:

A visual warning indicator whose letter font size is smaller than 3.2 mm (1/8 inch), as prescribed in FMVSS Nos. 105 and 135, could reduce the driver’s detection of it when illuminated, increasing the risk of a collision.

Tesla hacker Green was able to extract the new indications (below) to compare them with the old ones (top)

This is already in the latest Tesla update (2023.44.30.13) and if you received it, you probably haven’t noticed that this very serious “safety flaw” has been fixed.

Electrek’s Take

We really need a new word other than “safety recall” for those because media like the Wall Street Journal are really abusing them.

It’s starting to have no meaning now and we will take the more serious ones less seriously.

Maybe: regulatory compliance update? Suggestions are welcomed in the comment section.

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