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Pitch Deck Teardown: StudentFinance’s M Series A deck

Pitch Deck Teardown: StudentFinance’s $41M Series A deck

There’s no shortage of “upskilling” startups out there, but it’s rare to see one raise a $41 million round. That’s what Spanish startup StudentFinance pulled off a couple of weeks ago. Today, we are taking a closer look at the pitch deck the company used to make that happen. We’re looking for more unique pitch decks to tear down, so if you want to submit your own, here’s how you can do that.  Slides in this deck StudentFinance shared a slightly redacted slide deck; it removed sensitive revenue, cost and unit economics slides. Everything else is as pitched. Cover slide Mission slide Opportunity slide Problem slide Solution slide Value proposition slide part 1 Value proposition slide part 2 Business model slide Technology slide  Metrics slide  Road map slide (labeled “expansion” slide)  Geographic expansion slide (labeled “expansion” slide)  Growth history and trajectory slice (labeled “expansion” slide)  Team slide  Contact slide Three things to love To raise a $41 million round, a company needs solid traction and a huge market. I’m unsurprised to see that those parts …