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Luma raises M to craft 3D models with AI

Luma raises $43M to craft 3D models with AI

Luma is on track to move its two million users in a big way with the announcement today of its raise of $43M to craft 3D models with AI. The founders Alex Yu and Amit Jain, hope to grow Luma into the vision they planned long ago. Originally Yu and Jain made it possible for people to capture objects in 3D with smartphones. There was no extra equipment necessary. In 2021, they launched a smartphone app, and the successes just keep piling on. Luma announced today that it will start to leverage a compute cluster of ~3,000 Nvidia A100 GPUs to train new AI models that can — in Yu’s words — “see and understand, show and explain and eventually interact with the world.” Meet Genie, a research preview of an all-new kind of generative 3D foundation model #MadeWithGenie ???? Create 3D things in seconds on Discord⚡️ Prototype in various styles???? Customize materials???? Free during research preview Try it now ???? — Luma AI (@LumaLabsAI) November 1, 2023 Luma plans to create models that …