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The 10 Best Slippers for Lounging At Home—From  to 0

The 10 Best Slippers for Lounging At Home—From $9 to $150

Like most remote workers—and a good percentage of nonremote workers—the WIRED Reviews team spends a lot of time in slippers. Especially this time of year, when plunging outdoor temperatures sneak through every ill-fitting doorjamb and thin window pane, a good pair of slippers makes the difference between lounging comfortably around your home and wanting to crawl back under the covers until the middle of March. We have not been able to conduct rigorous head-to-head testing between various slippers, but we have all reviewed a lot of slippers. After debating the subject at length we’re confident that we have helpful advice on which slippers you should be wearing while on Zoom meetings or making those chilly trips between the couch and fridge. Here are our picks, which range from $9 Target slipper socks that reviewer Brenda Stolyar wears to a pair of wool clogs that senior editor Adrienne So has had since the second Bush administration. If you’re still feeling lost, check out our advice on How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Slippers at the …