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International (Non-) Cooperation

No individual country can independently manage transnational policy challenges. Climate change, pandemic disease, terrorism, and financial volatility do not respect national borders—or bend with the political wind. Effective action to alleviate shared global challenges requires international cooperation. Unfortunately, the architecture of global governance has struggled to adapt to novel threats and new players. The resurgence of geopolitical rivalry and the rise of angry populism are complicating multilateral policy coordination, even as technological advances continue to shrink distance, build connections among once far-flung communities, and increase the global salience of formerly localized problems. It was with these trends in mind that thirty-nine delegates from twenty countries gathered in New York in May for the Council of Councils (CoC) Fifth Annual Conference. Their task was to consider how the world might better address several pressing challenges—notably, managing flows of refugees and migrants, preventing the next global economic crisis, ameliorating the Syrian civil war and its spillover effects, improving global internet governance, and stabilizing Asian security. The conclusionsunderscored the findings of the two previous CoC conferences: geopolitical tensions …