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AssemblyAI lands M to build and serve AI speech models

AssemblyAI lands $50M to build and serve AI speech models

[ad_1] Companies are betting big on generative AI to gain a competitive edge. But adoption challenges remain. According to a recent survey from EY, a significant portion of businesses looking to embrace generative AI say that the field’s rapid progress — and the surge in vendors claiming to have AI expertise — is complicating their deployment prospects. You wouldn’t know it from their spending, though. Per an IDC forecast, worldwide investments in “AI-centric” systems could reach $154 billion by the end of the year. And an MIT Tech Review poll found that 50% of firms plan to boost budgets on data infrastructure and AI by over 25% in the coming year. The boom is benefitting startups like AssemblyAI (which TechCrunch has covered thrice before), a self-styled “applied AI” venture that researches, trains and deploys AI models for developers and product teams to integrate into their apps and services. AssemblyAI claims that its paying customer base grew 200% from last year to 4,000 brands and that its AI platform is now handling around 25 million API …