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Was HPE’s B Juniper acquisition a wise move?

Was HPE’s $14B Juniper acquisition a wise move?

When HPE announced its intention to acquire Juniper Networks for $14 billion in cold, hard cash earlier this month, it was a bit of a shock. Sure, HP had already bought Aruba in 2015 for around $3 billion. Grabbing another networking company would presumably just add another layer to that business. Of course, there are always complications incorporating one large organization into another, and HP doesn’t exactly have the best record for being a smooth operator where that’s concerned over the years. But surprisingly, the companies didn’t position this conscious coupling as a pure networking play. In fact, in a blog post announcing the deal, Juniper CEO Rami Rahim suggested it was more about AI. “This combination with HPE is expected to enable us to deliver more comprehensive, more competitive, truly end-to-end experience-first AI-native solutions,” he wrote. Regardless of how you position it, the deal, which pays $40 a share, or a 32% premium over the closing price on January 8 (per CNBC), represented the kind of offer that was hard for Juniper to refuse. …