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Fed F**kery Turns BN ‘Unadjusted’ Bank Deposit OUTFLOW Into 6BN INFLOW

Fed F**kery Turns $37BN ‘Unadjusted’ Bank Deposit OUTFLOW Into $126BN INFLOW

Money market funds added $23.6BN in assets last week, pushing the total funds under management back above $6 Trillion – still well off the highs (as some tax-related withdrawals remain lost)… Source: Bloomberg Both retail and institutional funds saw inflows last week… Source: Bloomberg Amid all the talk of tapering, The Fed’s balance sheet plunged $40BN last week to its lowest since Jan 2021 (with QT continuing at around $35BN)… Source: Bloomberg The Fed’s now-expired Bank Bailout fund (BTFP) saw a small decrease of just $1.375BN – inching closer to erasing all the arb-driven surge in demand for the facility, but leaving a whopping $12BN left out there filling holes in bank balance sheets… Source: Bloomberg And after last week’s almost unprecedented outflows, total bank deposits (seasonally-adjusted) rose by a huge $129BN to $17.58TN – that was the biggest rise in deposits since March 2021… Source: Bloomberg But, by the magical power of Federal Reserve ‘science’, on a non-seasonally-adjusted basis, total bank deposits dropped $24BN… Source: Bloomberg Excluding foreign deposits, the picture was just as …