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I stayed at a ,000-a-night postnatal retreat with my newborn baby

I stayed at a $1,000-a-night postnatal retreat with my newborn baby

Sign up to our free Living Well email for advice on living a happier, healthier and longer life Live your life healthier and happier with our free weekly Living Well newsletter I was eight months pregnant when I first spoke to Boram Nam, and I was nervous. My husband and I – both Brits – were about to have our first child (well, I was about to have him; my husband was about to stand beside me, clutching my hand and trying not to faint while bodily fluids covered the bed, the walls, and, at one point, his face.) We were living in New York City, our nearest relatives 4,000 miles away. We’d been to a tranche of “birth preparation” classes. We’d filled out forms about epidurals, contractions and C-sections. We’d learned terms like “fundus” and “placental abruption”. Our health insurance had delivered a scary-looking electric breast pump and a pre-emptive hospital bill for $1,000. But we still didn’t have a clear picture of what the immediate days after the birth of our son would …