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Sample Series A extension pitch deck: Phospholutions’ .15M deck

Sample Series A extension pitch deck: Phospholutions’ $10.15M deck

I haven’t seen a lot of agriculture tech startups submit their pitch decks for this series, so I was delighted to get one from Phospholutions, which just closed a $10 million round, bringing its total funds raised to $32 million. The team initially said they used the deck to raise a Series B round, which confused me, but upon reading the press information more carefully, it seems they made a mistake. I would usually let people get away with this kind of stuff, but this deck is riddled with issues that could have been avoided by simply paying more attention to detail. We’re looking for more unique pitch decks to tear down, so if you want to submit your own, here’s how you can do that.  Slides in this deck Parts of Phospholutions’ deck are pretty heavily redacted, which makes it hard to get the full picture, but there’s still plenty to get into. Cover slide Problem slide Market context slide Commercial opportunity slide Solution slide Benefits slide Product slide Sustainability benefits slide Competition slide …