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Savannah Guthrie calls out Today Show co-host for causing an ‘international incident’ in hilarious moment

Savannah Guthrie calls out Today Show co-host for causing an ‘international incident’ in hilarious moment

Savannah Guthrie couldn’t help getting in a few good-natured jabs at her co-star Hoda Kotb during their late night appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The Today Show anchor, 52, and her co-host Hoda, 59, sat down with Jimmy to talk about their upcoming expedition to Paris this summer to cover the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.

The pair were in Tokyo back in 2021 to cover the 2020 Summer Olympics, which has traditionally aired on NBC, and Hoda quickly went viral for her emotional responses to the US team’s victories, particularly in gymnastics.

“The Olympics are gonna be incredible,” Hoda promised. “We’ve got gymnastics, y’all, we’re gonna dominate gymnastics,” she confidently asserted to an enthusiastic response from the studio audience.

She stated that most of her hopes lay with Simone Biles, who returned to competitive gymnastics this October after a two-year long break following the Tokyo Olympics.

“This is going to be Simone’s chapter, I feel like she’s going to be incredible. And they kind of save it till the end, so make you wait for it,” she added.

Savannah then shared her own take on it, turning the attention to her colleague and friend, calling her the unofficial “den mother of USA gymnastics.”

The mom-of-two emphasized just how hard Hoda would cheer for the women’s gymnastics team that year while in Tokyo with them, where they won the silver medal in the team all-around and Suni Lee won the gold in individual all-around.

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“Speaking of Tokyo, during the pandemic, where we weren’t allowed to even really look at each other,” Savannah continued. “Hoda was like, ‘Well, their families aren’t here, and someone’s gonna give them a hug’.

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Hoda covered the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as part of Today with her co-anchors in tow

“And the Japanese government was like, ‘Tell that woman to stop hugging the athletes’,” she added, leaving everyone in hysterics. “It was like an international incident!”

Jimmy came to her defense, citing that because she was a mom, she’s “got so much love,” although Hoda did add that she almost “got in big-time trouble.”

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Savannah sweetly praised her co-star by saying: “She should have a gold medal,” and Hoda responded back to her: “You make me laugh.”

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Her emotional reaction to the women’s gymnastics team quickly went viral back in 2021

Back in September, Simone herself made an appearance on Today for an interview with Hoda after her triumphant return to the sport, and confirmed that she intended to participate in the upcoming Paris Olympics.

Hoda joked: “If I had five dollars in my hand, and I was going to Vegas, and I’m like, ‘I’m gonna bet on whether Simone is going to the Olympics or not’, where would I put my five bucks? The ‘yea’ or the ‘nay’?”

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When Simone coyly answered that “that’s the path I would love to go,” Hoda immediately was thrilled, with her colleague Craig Melvin heard in the background exclaiming: “She’s going to Paris!”

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She was cheering Simone on when she announced she’d be returning to the Olympics in Paris

“We were hoping that was the case!” the mom-of-two and children’s book author added in response to the decorated gymnast’s amusement.

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