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Roman Kemp and Chris Stark in disbelief as Sian Welby announces pregnancy news live on air

Roman Kemp and Chris Stark in disbelief as Sian Welby announces pregnancy news live on air

Capital Radio hosts Roman Kemp and Chris Stark were left in disbelief as their co-host Sian Welby revealed surprising news to the group live on air.

Welby replaced Vick Hope on the show as she left the breakfast slot to focus on TV opportunities.

Capital changed the show’s name to Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp, Chris Stark and Sian Welby in November 2023.

On Wednesday morning (28 February), Welby began her reveal by saying: “There’s some moments that you just want to share with everyone. I think I want to share something with the group right now, actually.”

Stark encouraged her, saying “Oh go on, Sian.”

The presenter insisted she was “being serious” and continued, “Got a bit of an announcement for you.”

She then went on to say to the silent studio: “I’m pregnant.”

Her colleagues erupted in celebration at the announcement and there was confusion in the studio as Kemp shouted: “Oh my god! Shut up.”

The 37-year-old broadcaster shared how difficult it had been to keep the good news a secret from her co-hosts.

“I don’t know how I’ve managed to keep it from you for so long, but I am. It’s not a joke.”

Roman Kemp was in disbelief as his co-host shared the news

(Capital Radio)

The team took off their headsets as they rushed to hug Welby to celebrate.

Welbys said: “Oh my God. The lies, the deceit. The mocktails. The stress I’ve gone through trying to pretend not to be drinking,” she said as she revealed the things she’d done to cover the truth.

“So at the work do, you remember when I ordered the same cocktail as you? I ran downstairs and intercepted the order and went ‘Can you make one of them a virgin mojito?’ And I changed the order.”

Stark congratulated Welby saying it was “the most exciting, amazing news” while Kemp appointed himself “godfather” saying, “I’m so happy for you and Jake as well”.

Welby replied: “It’s crazy to actually finally tell you all. I couldn’t wait to tell you”.

Kemp announced he would be leaving the show in February around the same time that Jordan North announced he would be leaving BBC Radio 1. On 21 February, it was announced that North would be replacing Kemp to host the show alongside Welby and Stark.

In an Instagram story, Kemp voiced his support for North’s appointment, writing: “Couldn’t have gone to a better bloke”. The broadcaster will present his final show on 28 March.

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