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Pepe, Shiba Inu Up After BTC Halving

Pepe, Shiba Inu Up After BTC Halving
Pepe, Shiba Inu Up After BTC Halving


Meme coin prices outperform, source – Crypto Bubbles

While BTC pulled back slightly after the historic fourth Bitcoin halving took place on Friday, the weekend has seen a recovery with the Bitcoin price back in the green and reclaiming the $65,000 level.

Meme coin prices are the real story heading into the weekly close however – as traders appear to have gone full risk-on with the top meme tokens. The Bonk price leads the pack currently exploding 40%, while the Pepe, Shiba Inu and FLOKI price are also up double digits.

Top Meme Crypto Price Predictions

Pepe Price Prediction

Just prior to the Bitcoin halving crypto analyst Jacob Bury recommended investors buy Pepe, trading just above $0.0000052 at the time and today breaking out above $0.000006 since his Pepe price prediction video above.

He charted the Pepe market cap rather than the Pepe price initially and predicted there is ‘definitely space for a 50% increase‘ from a just over $2 billion market cap at the time, to ‘retest resistance‘ at the approximately $3 billion valuation.

Pepe coin market capPepe coin market cap

Pepe valuation mid 2023 – 2024, source – CoinMarketCap

That would place the Pepe price around $0.000007. Bury expected the top meme coins to ‘lead the market‘ if crypto prices ‘flipped bullish‘, which is now playing out as of Sunday April 21.

He also recommended Dogecoin and some low market cap meme coins for balance including Dogeverse, Slothana (SLOTH) and CumRocket (CUMMIES).

Shiba Inu Price Prediction

The YouTube channel noted the Shiba Inu price was oversold on the daily timeframe on the Stochastic RSI, in a SHIB price prediction video posted yesterday.

Their analyst then charted an ascending triangle on the SHIB price action, and a price target to the upside if it broke bullish using the depth of the dip over April 12-13.

That gave a target of ‘Shiba Inu going back up to 27‘ – i.e. $0.000027. Today that Shiba Inu price prediction has played out, with SHIB now at $0.000027 after hitting a resistance level also plotted out in the video – just over $0.000028, in confluence with the 0.5 Fib of Shiba Inu’s retracement since March 5.

While he urged caution in the months to come following the Bitcoin halving, he predicts the Shiba Inu price can potentially retest its all time high in 2024 if the BTC price continues its uptrend.

Other analysts on the channel have also highlighted new meme coin presales including Dogeverse and Slothana in videos.



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