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Openly Secular – Annabelle Gurwitch

skeptic society Annabelle Gurwitch

Bestselling author and actress Annabelle Gurwitch used to hold mystical beliefs about God, but when her son was born with a serious congenital birth defect, she found herself rethinking many of her assumptions about the nature of reality. Today Gurwitch is a nonbeliever, she identifies as a caffeine addicted secular humanist Jewish mother, and she is lending her witty and insightful voice to the Openly Secular campaign.

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I studied medicine in Brighton and qualified as a doctor and for the last 2 years been writing blogs. While there are are many excellent blogs devoted to the topics of faith, humanism, atheism, political viewpoints, and wider kinds of rationalism and philosophical doubt, those are not the only focus here.Im going to blog about what ever comes to my mind in a day.

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