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Nick Carter Claims Sexual Battery Accuser’s Allegations Are a ‘Factual Impossibility’

Nick Carter Claims Sexual Battery Accuser’s Allegations Are a ‘Factual Impossibility’

Nick Carter claims it is a “factual impossibility” that he raped Shannon Ruth in 2001 when she was 17, and the Backstreet Boy singer is requesting that the judge make a ruling as such.

According to new court documents obtained by ET, Carter claims that more than a year after Ruth filed her sexual abuse lawsuit against him he’s now “obtained all of the evidence necessary to prove that he has been telling the truth all along,” which is that “he did not rape Ruth or anyone else for that matter.”

In her lawsuit, Ruth claimed Carter invited her back to his tour bus following a Tacoma, Washington, concert. Ruth, who claimed she was 17 at the time, alleged Carter spiked her drink before sexually assaulting her in the bathroom and then again on his bed.

But Carter claims Ruth’s lawsuit has been orchestrated by former Dream singer Melissa Schuman, who in April 2023 also sued him, claiming sexual assault and battery. Carter claims Ruth and Schuman’s lawsuits are part of a coordinated effort “to garner fame and extort Carter out of money.” Carter claims he refused to meet their demands and that is why he’s now facing these lawsuits.

In a statement to ET, Ruth’s attorney, Christian M. Morris, Esq., says, “Ms. Ruth disagrees with much of the information that is contained in Mr. Carter’s motion for summary judgment. She looks forward to being able to express her side of the story in her opposition.”

Carter points to Ruth’s deposition, in which he claims she was asked to provide information about the alleged rape “but she was unable to provide any details aside from what her lawyers wrote for her in her complaint and interrogatory responses.” The singer claims Ruth testified approximately 146 times that she “did not remember” and 64 times that she “did not know.”

Ruth claimed in her lawsuit that she contracted HPV as a result of the alleged rape. Carter claims in his court documents that Ruth claimed in her deposition that her best friend could corroborate the story because they attended the concert together and the friend accompanied her to a clinic afterward. But the best friend, Carter claims, “testified that none of that was true and that she had never attended any medical appointment with Ruth.”

Carter goes on to claim that “evidence confirms Ruth tested negative for HPV based on her own medical records.” 

As for the “factual impossibility,” Carter claims the reason “Ruth was unable to remember or know details of the alleged rape is because the evidence confirms that it would have been a factual impossibility … from security guards to fans, 9 different witnesses all testified that the Backstreet Boys immediately left the concert venue that evening.”

What’s more, Carter claims that just days after that February 2001 concert, “a fan posted a review on the Backstreet Boys’ fan site detailing her experience leaving the concert early and following the tour buses on the highway to the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Seattle, Washington” where soon after “Carter was spotted exiting his tour bus and heading into the hotel.”

According to the court docs, “It is therefore a factual impossibility for Carter to have stayed at the Tacoma Dome after the concert to sign autographs, then invite Ruth onto his tour bus and engage in what she claims was a protracted rape that first took place in the bathroom and then in the bedroom.” 

The court docs also claim that “Ruth herself admitted in sworn statements to law enforcement on multiple occasions that she was not raped by Carter as well as in a private conversation with [a friend] in October 2019,” and alleging that “Ruth let slip at her deposition that she does ‘not know’ if she is having false memories of Carter raping her because she is confusing a rape that allegedly happened at the hands of her ex-husband.”

As for any medical records that would bolster Ruth’s case, Carter claims “the only medical records produced by Ruth in this case start in January 2020 — almost 20 years after the alleged February 2001 incident.”

Carter is requesting a summary judgment granted in his favor on all of Ruth’s claims “in order to finally put an end to what can only be described as an extortive money grab.”


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