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New Lumitool allows AI engraving straight from Midjourney

New Lumitool allows AI engraving straight from Midjourney
New Lumitool allows AI engraving straight from Midjourney


At-home engraving is becoming more and more popular for both hobbyists and small businesses, and the advent of the Lumitool F20 is sure to propel it into the stratosphere with Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration. It is currently running on Kickstarter and has already reached its modest goal.

The device comes with an app that is “powered by Midjourney AI design”. Users can input prompts on the app and directly engrave the generated images onto 100+ materials. Midjourney can produce some very impressive results if you know how to use it, but access to the AI generation costs a subscription fee of $99 per year.

Early supporters can get their hands on the Lumitool for $1599, which is $1000 off the MRSP, by backing the lowest level on Kickstarter. This also includes 1-year of access to the AI generation tool. However, backers should check the shipping prices first, as they start at $79.

What are the specs of the Lumitool F20?

The Lumitool F20 is a 20W fiber laser that can engrave up to 1.5mm in metal and 3mm in stone. It also claims to be 10x faster than other comparable models, covering 7000 mm/s. This is significantly faster than the LaserPecker LP2, for example, which covers 36000 mm/min (600 mm/s).

It also boasts a compact and portable design, which can be used to engrave large vertical surfaces or curved/angled objects. The device utilizes dual infrared light positioning for high levels of accuracy. It also offers a base working area of 110 x 110mm with an option to expand it to 150 x 150 mm.

The engraver has an 8k resolution which allows it to perform at a level of accuracy beyond many competitors, getting 0.001mm of granularity.

Lumitool has also stated that they are working on integrating Lightburn into their app. Lightburn is a popular software for creating engraving designs, and Lumitool’s app can import the DXF files created by Lightburn.

Shipping is expected to commence in April 2024.

Ali Rees

Ali Rees is a freelance journalist and mature student based in Scotland.


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