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Migrants hide in coach full of children on school trip as parents left horrified | UK | News

Migrants hide in coach full of children on school trip as parents left horrified | UK | News

Parents were left horrified after migrants were found hiding in the coach bringing their children back from a school trip in France. Children in years nine and ten at Hounsdown School in Totton, Hampshire, had been on a three-day trip to Boulogne University 20 miles south of Calais.

Teachers and pupils had come through the Eurotunnel back to Southampton on Saturday evening when the discovery was made.

Two men, thought to be in their early 20s, were found hiding in the luggage hold while families were getting bags off of the coach. One of the men tried to run away but was stopped by parents.

One mum waiting to collect her son said it was “horrendous” and that her son’s luggage was covered in urine.

She said: “My son’s luggage was covered in urine and his belongings crumpled by one of the men being on top of it.

“In French, I asked them if they spoke English or French and they replied French, I was about to ask them where they’d come from but got ushered away by the teachers.

“My one aim was to get my child off the bus, and once I had I went back as I couldn’t handle seeing kids being asked to take their baggage out of the hold.

“I just said ‘excuse-moi’ to the gent and leaned over him to get the rest of the bags out as my son’s was tucked underneath him.”

Another parent said on social media: “Just picked my daughter up from her school trip to France. The coach driver opened up the bottom to get the suitcases and found immigrants sat in there.”

One wrote: “I’m angry about it. They got access to a coach carrying school children.

“It’s one thing to get in a lorry but a very different thing to manage to get in to a coach without being seen. Was an absolute shocker to see a person sat there as the kids went forward to get their bags.”

Another parent said: “My son is so upset bless him, he’s told me to cancel him going away next year with the school and has said he’d rather wait until he can pay to go when he’s older.

”Poor little… after such an incredible trip too! The teachers couldn’t have done a better job the whole way through, I really do feel for them right now.”

Hampshire Police confirmed that officers attended but no arrests were made.

A force spokesperson said: “We were called just before 05:15pm on Saturday, February 10, to reports that two people, who were possibly illegal immigrants, had been found at Hounsdown School in Totton. Officers have attended. No arrests have been made.”

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