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MAFS Australia stars Jack and Tori’s relationship timeline: from ex-girlfriend scandal to now

MAFS Australia stars Jack and Tori’s relationship timeline: from ex-girlfriend scandal to now
MAFS Australia stars Jack and Tori’s relationship timeline: from ex-girlfriend scandal to now

Married at First Sight Australia stars Jack and Tori are one of the most controversial couples of season 11. They’ve had their fair share of dramatic moments, from bombshell claims from an ex-girlfriend to clashes with other cast members. 

But what exactly happened between the pair and are they still together? Keep reading to find out…

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The early days

Jack and Tori, 28, got off to a good start on their wedding day, with both parties happy with their matches. 

The 34-year-old personal trainer did spark a reaction from viewers, however, when he told the cameras that he could “sort her out” if challenged.

© Red Arrow/Nine
Tori and Jack’s wedding day

“She seems sweet. I think she’ll challenge me a little bit, but I definitely reckon I’ll sort her out, and we’ll have a good time,” he said, adding: “I definitely want to play that dominant role to Tori. It might be a bit of a power struggle. But I feel like she’s gonna be a good girl.”

Tori’s friend Lea shared her concerns on the couple’s big day and questioned why most of Jack’s guests were his personal training clients. “It’s giving… controlling the narrative,” she said. 

It wasn’t long before the couple went on their honeymoon, and during a discussion about deal-breakers, Jack revealed that he “demands respect” from his other half. 

Tori and Jack at the commitment ceremony six on Married at First Sight Australia © Red Arrow/Nine
Tori and Jack had their fair share of highs and lows

When the conversation moved to sexual compatibility, he admitted: “I’ve definitely had bigger sexual sparks instantly…with the mixed emotions running through my head the day I met you, I wasn’t going, ‘God damn, I want to get this girl in bed’.”

Ex-girlfriend scandal 

At the first dinner party, it was revealed that Jack had been with his ex-girlfriend just days before tying the knot with Tori. 

Before appearing on the show, Jack was in a relationship with Courtney Jade, who claimed in an article that he lied to her about appearing on the reality show.

MAFS star Jack © Red Arrow/Nine
Jack faced questions about his ex-girlfriend

Jack defended himself, saying Courtney Jade was simply looking for her “three seconds of fame”. “If someone wants to question my character or integrity I’ll tell them to [expletive] off,” he declared.

Tori appeared to be unbothered by the revelation, telling her fellow contestants: “It does not need to be a conversation moving forward. I don’t care what he was doing before he came in here. It is a non-issue and to be honest it’s no one’s business.”

Tori at dinner party eight on Married at First Sight Australia © Red Arrow/Nine
Tori stood by her husband

Later on, Jack admitted that he was in a relationship when he applied for the show, but said the romance “wasn’t serious”. “It was a weekend friends with benefits, it was of no significance, it was a casual relationship,” he explained. 

Jack’s ‘muzzle your woman’ comment

During one of the most dramatic dinner parties of the series, Jack asked fellow groom Jonathan to “muzzle” his bride Lauren. The harsh comment came after Jonathan told his wife that Jack had said “another groom could sleep with Tori” during couple swap week.

After Lauren challenged Jack, he asked Jonathan: “Can you muzzle your woman?

Jono and Lauren on MAFS Australia
Jack told fellow groom Jono to “muzzle” his bride

While the other brides and grooms were shocked by Jack’s comment, Tori remained loyal to her groom. “If Jack says it was a joke, I’m going to take it as a joke. I trust him,” she said. 

Jack and Tori hit a rocky patch 

Shortly after the “muzzle your woman” comment, Jack found himself flirting with Jade during feedback week. 

After commenting on her “spicy energy”, he told the cameras: “I like Jade, I’ve dated people like Jade in the past.

Tori and Jack at final commitment ceremony on Married at First Sight Australia © Red Arrow/Nine
Tori didn’t click with Jack’s friends

Things continued to get worse for the couple when Tori was introduced to Jack’s personal training clients, Jasmine and Lizz, during the couple’s homestay. 

It’s safe to say Tori didn’t exactly click with Lizz, who said the bride wasn’t “the right girl” for his friend. She also disapproved of Tori having a predominantly male friendship group.

The final vows

Despite their ups and downs, Jack and Tori managed to get their relationship back on track, with the former even gifting his wife a diamond bracelet.

That’s why viewers were left a little confused during the couple’s final vows, which saw Jack tell Tori that they weren’t in love. He did, however, say that he was “100 per cent ready” to move forward with her and apologised for letting her down at times. 

Tori and Jack at final vows on Married at First Sight Australia © Red Arrow/Nine
Jack claimed producers made him change his vows ‘six or seven times’

After the episode aired, Jack spoke out about the moment in an interview with Pedestrian and claimed the show’s producers made him change the vows “six or seven times until they kind of went down the theme of what production were looking for”.

*Warning! Spoilers ahead*

Jack and Tori storm out of the reunion

The couple didn’t get a huge amount of airtime during the reunion as they stormed out in the middle of their session with the experts. 

After watching a video montage of their relationship’s low points across the series, Tori pulled off her microphone and left the room with Jack by her side. This was the last we saw of the couple on the programme.

Where are Jack and Tori now? 

Despite their rocky MAFS journey, Jack and Tori are still going strong. 

Taking to Instagram just days ago, Tori gushed over her other half. Alongside a mirror selfie of the pair, the business development manager penned: “Jack Dunkley, you are my whole world.”

Married at First Sight Australia is available on Channel 4.

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