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Lubna Ahmed Shares Her Story on The Rubin Report

Lubna Ahmed Shares Her Story on The Rubin Report
Lubna Ahmed Shares Her Story on The Rubin Report


Because of the nature of CFI’s Secular Rescue program, though we assist secularist writers and activists whose lives are threatened by extremists, it’s not always possible to publicly celebrate its successes. Even after someone has been relocated out of immediate harm’s way, it may be necessary for them to maintain a low profile for the sake of their own safety or that of their family.

How rewarding it is, then, when one of these brilliant and courageous people can step into the spotlight, tell their story, and continue to fight for their cause. On Monday, Lubna Ahmed, a human rights activist and chemical engineering student from Iraq, was the guest on The Rubin Report, where she eloquently described her struggle as an atheist living under threat in an ultra-conservative Islamic society.

“[The Center for Inquiry is] helping me, they supported me … They supported my case with the lawyers,” she told Rubin, when asked about the financial and legal assistance the Secular Rescue program provided. “I’m very grateful to Mr. Richard Dawkins. He takes his words into actions, not like others, because he sees that it’s very important to save people who are like me.”

We do believe in Lubna and all those who are striving to advance reason and secularism in the places most hostile to them. And we’ll keep doing all we can to help.


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