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‘Little People, Big World’s Amy Roloff on Relationship With Ex Matt Years After Tense Divorce (Exclusive)

‘Little People, Big World’s Amy Roloff on Relationship With Ex Matt Years After Tense Divorce (Exclusive)

Amy Roloff is opening up about where she stands with her ex-husband and Little People, Big World co-star, Matt Roloff

Talking with ET’s Rachel Smith in an exclusive interview, the reality television star, 61, gave an update on the upcoming season and the personal growth viewers will witness, seven years after she and Matt, 62, went through a tense separation.

“I think one of the things you see is me changing and just being with Matt,” Amy says, adding that her own husband, Chris Malek, and Matt’s fiancée, Caryn Chandler, have helped their situation. Amy married Chris in 2021, while Matt popped the question to Caryn in 2023.

“Just being with Matt and Caryn, we get involved in a big fundraising event with an organization that means a lot to me,” Amy adds, previewing a storyline from season 25. Collaborating on a project of this magnitude is a major step for the mom of four who said she didn’t “want anything to do with Matt” for quite some time. 

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In her new interview, however, she says that a hard examination of her own ways led to an awakening that changed the situation between them for the better.

“But then it’s like, ‘Well, Amy you built up this wall, but who’s this wall keeping out? Is it you? Or is it him and he could care less?'” Amy shares. “So I think with Chris’ help — Chris has been a great help to bring that wall down — and say, ‘You know, he’s still the father of my kids, still the grandfather of my kid.’ We — or should say I — should get along with Matt and Caryn.”

Even so, she admits that they are far from being at a point like they once were during their nearly 30-year marriage. 

“I mean, we’re not gonna be best friends but we enjoy our time, we had a focus, we accomplished something really great,” Amy says, referencing the event they put on together. “We still get together as family too so it’s — to me, it really just tells a story about a family that’s continued to grow, continue to change. But I think the ultimate element of the whole thing is but we’re still family.”

“We may say things, we may do this, you know, some tense moments and stuff but, you know, in the end, we’re family,” she adds. 

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Malek, who also talked with ET, agreed wholeheartedly and added that they have since even ventured into the vicinity of friendship with Matt and Caryn.

“It took a while to get there and it’s, you know, the old expression ‘time heals’ and we’ve gotten to that point now where Matt and Amy have moved on to other and better relationships,” he says. “We actually, you know, get together once in a while too — Matt, Caryn, Amy and I hang and we have good laughs and good conversations.”

“Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed some really nasty divorces where two couples ended up hating each other when they were done and I’m so glad that we’re not in that situation,” he adds. 

Little People, Big World season 25 premieres on TLC on Feb. 20. 



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