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Lego Fortnite teasers hint at farming

Lego Fortnite teasers hint at farming

Two short clips released by Lego Fortnite on Twitter have hinted at a pair of much-requested features – farming and animal taming.

The first clip focuses on a new line of dialogue from one of the game’s characters, Hayseed: “The local animals seem really interested in the village. I wonder if they want to live with us…”  followed by a shot of the player character, dressed as a farmer, leaping for joy. We then see the player petting a sheep, which happily follows them towards a farm.

In the background, there are several new items and buildings on display, suggesting that the update will include new decor items and builds. An overhanging lamp and a silo were two notable inclusions in the video that players don’t currently have access to.

The second clip, shared a few hours later, shows the construction of what appears to be a barn, along with what looks to be assigning food to a container (presumably for animals to eat when you’ve tamed them and put them in a paddock).

A subsequent post from the Lego Fortnite account on X suggests that it won’t all be sheep and pumpkins though, as an ominous sound rattles the farm. They’ve also posted a picture of a pig, an animal that isn’t currently in the game – so perhaps we’ll see some pigs in our worlds shortly.

A Lego pig, as posted by Lego Fortnite on X. Image credit: Lego Fortnite

Players have always been able to feed and pet the animals in the game to gain resources, and enterprising folks have been able to lead them into a fenced area as a facsimile of a paddock (though they tended to escape), but a proper animal taming mechanic is something many fans have longed for.

This update means gathering certain resources will become significantly easier and more viable than previously. Eggs, milk, and wool are all harvested from animals on an ongoing basis, so being able to tame and contain them will make it far simpler than having to run around the map, hunting them down.

It’s unclear at this point whether there will be any breeding mechanics added such as can be found in Minecraft – if they are, it will become much easier to get meat and feathers as well as other animal resources. If not though, players might have to protect their peaceful farm animals from harm to ensure their supplies aren’t interrupted.

This new farming update ties in with images from a recently leaked Fortnite roadmap, which had a farmhouse for April’s Lego Fortnite update. This lends strength to the legitimacy of the other plans on the roadmap.

Featured image credit: Lego Fortnite

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