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King Charles’s slimmed-down monarchy ‘backfiring’ but he ‘didn’t have much of a choice’ | Royal | News

King Charles’s slimmed-down monarchy ‘backfiring’ but he ‘didn’t have much of a choice’ | Royal | News

A royal commentator has claimed that King Charles’s big idea of a slimmed-down monarchy is currently going through its “worst-case scenario” with both the King and Princess Kate out of action.

Pandora Forsyth was interviewed on GB News to discuss Prince Harry dropping his libel claim against the Mail and being forced to pay the newspaper’s legal fees.

GB News host Patrick Christys then turned to King Charles’s idea of a slimmed-down monarchy and questioned if it was backfiring with the hospitalisation of two senior members of the royal family.

He asked the royal expert: “Was a slimmed-down monarchy the right thing to do? I suppose he didn’t have much of a choice with Harry and Andrew?”

Ms Forsyth said: “This is seeing it in action in the worst-case scenario, let’s be honest. You’ve got the King and the Princess of Wales out of action.

“Anne was the busiest working royal last year so I’m sure he’ll be relying on her. We’ve also got Edward and Sophie who are very much in the fold.

“It does bring into question, you know, Eugenie and Beatrice. But this time of year is quite quiet for the royals so if this was going to happen at any time, now would be the time to do it.”

Patrick then raised rumours that Prince Harry found out about his father’s condition through the media and asked if that’s the price he has to pay.

Pandora answered: “This is all speculative but this is the cost of living on the other side of the world, you’re not within a few miles of one another.

“So unfortunately, because you’re not a senior member of the family I’m not sure where you’re going to be in terms of formal arrangements when it comes to health issues. Of course, he is still a member of the family but there is business to be done. They are a working family and that will come first.”

Patrick Chrystys agreed, adding: “Under moments of stress and health issues and with turmoil going on, that is when a family closes ranks and if somebody has deliberately chosen to operate on the outskirts of that family then I’m afraid that’s the price that you get.”

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