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Kim Kardashian admits to unusual sleeping habit as she addresses rumors about herself – watch

Kim Kardashian admits to unusual sleeping habit as she addresses rumors about herself – watch
Kim Kardashian admits to unusual sleeping habit as she addresses rumors about herself – watch

After living almost half of her life in the spotlight, Kim Kardashian has had to deal with a lot of rumors about herself.

From her mom Kris Jenner supposedly leaking her infamous Ray J tape in 2007 to an alleged BBL popping on an airplane, there are few falsities she hasn’t heard.

And she’s not afraid to set the record straight either! During her latest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live while promoting part two of American Horror Story: Delicate, she took head on some of the weirdest rumors about herself.

“Obviously people are interested in your life and the things that you do and they write things, sometimes they’re true, sometimes they’re not,” host Jimmy Kimmel began, adding: “I have some things that are kind of interesting I want to run by you and you tell me if they’re true or false.”

Among the various confirmations and denials came the revelation of Kim’s quite unusual sleeping habit: that she sleepings with one eye “slightly open.”

“How is that possible… how do you know?” Jimmy couldn’t help but wonder, and the Skims founder revealed “there’s footage” that her sisters have recorded to prove it.

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Kim also denied the rumor that she has six toes

More rumors she confirmed to be true were the fact that she celebrated her 14th birthday at Neverland Ranch (Michael Jackson’s famed estate), that she blow dries her jewelry before putting it on, that she washes her feet every night before bed, her mom Kris founded her own church, and that yes, she can change her own tire.

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Regarding her blow drying jewelry habit, she explained: “I hate being freezing and when you put on cold jewelry or anything with a zipper, I just need it warm and then put it on,” adding: “Or just like a mesh metal dress. Anything that’s like chain mail.”

Kim Kardashian at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Benefit celebrating the opening of Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, New York - 07 May 2018© Getty
Kim in a chain dress at the 2018 Met Gala

And that’s not the only particular need of hers she addressed: she also admitted she needs the carton sleeve removed from her paper cups before drinking her coffee.

“I hate the feeling,” she shared, again explaining: “Whoever I’m with, I just can’t see it being done or I can’t hear it and I can’t feel it. Like the cardboard getting moved off the cup is like nails on a chalkboard to me.”

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