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Jack Grealish’s £25k security measures at home prior to £1m burglary

Jack Grealish’s £25k security measures at home prior to £1m burglary
Jack Grealish’s £25k security measures at home prior to £1m burglary

Footballer Jack Grealish’s home has some pretty extreme security measures, and not because he is a fan-favourite star of the England men’s football team.

The Manchester City player, 28, suffered a break-in at his lavish £5.6 million Cheshire home with fiancee Sasha Attwood on Boxing Day last year. His mansion was raided by a group of perpetrators who had reportedly planned to rob his home before the burglary that saw the loss of £1 million worth of jewellery but were deterred by a police car nearby.

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Jack Grealish’s home was robbed

It has been reported that Jack’s home was first targeted while he was playing against German team RB Leipzig in the Champions League last November. 

It has since come to light that Jack had invested in quite the security measure prior to the attack. The footballer purchased a £25,000 protection dog that lives alongside his pet cockapoo, Skye.

Jack with black security dog and a pet cockapoo© Instagram
Jack’s security dog (left) cost £25,000

Jack purchased two Belgian Malinois dogs in 2020 from security firm Chaperone K9, after fellow England player Dele Alli was robbed at knifepoint. Chaperone K9 describe the dogs as providing “the ultimate personal and family security and is a loyal and loving family member.

Footballer Dele Alli  on pitch© Getty
Footballer Dele Alli got burgled at knife-point

“A perfect blend of security and companionship, a Chaperone K9 is trained to accompany you and your family into any social situation or environment. The highest level of obedience and loyalty guarantees peace of mind and the safety of those dearest to you.”

Jack's fiancée Sasha Attwood at game© Getty
Jack’s fiancée Sasha Attwood had to press a panic button

The footballer has opened up about the “traumatic” experience where his fiancee was at home watching his match when she was alerted to the presence of burglars and pressed a panic alarm. It is thought 10 of Jack’s relatives, including Sasha, his parents, two sisters and brother, were at the property at the time of the burglary.

Jack with cockapoo© Instagram
Jack broke his silence on Instagram with a post featuring Skye

Speaking to his 9.1 million Instagram followers, the England star said: “I can’t begin to explain how devastated I am over the burglary that took place at my home a few days ago.

Jack with teammates doing BeReal© Instagram
Jack keeps his Instagram to football-related fun

“My family mean the world to me and nothing is more important than ensuring their safety, ” he continued. “This has been a traumatic experience for all of us, I am just so grateful that nobody was hurt.”

Jack at dinner on holiday© Instagram
Jack keeps personal content away from his home

“I have had so many amazing experiences and achievements over the last 12 months, but to be honest the best year of my life in football now doesn’t feel like something I can celebrate,” he added, concluding: “The people that commit these terrible crimes have no idea of the damage they cause to peoples lives. I hope they are found and brought to justice so no other family has to go through what we have.”

Pep Guardiola in puffer jacket© Getty
Pep Guardiola warned his players to keep at-home content off social media for their own safety

Sasha and Jack have been warned that following the attack they are advised against storing expensive jewellery in their home. The decision comes just weeks after Man City manager Pep Guardiola told his players to limit their social media use to reduce the threat of attack on their homes. 

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Followers of Jack and footballers of his calibre will notice that he no longer posts at-home photos on Instagram and keeps things strictly professional in an unfortunately necessary move to protect himself and his loved ones.

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