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It’s no burden – we have a duty to pay tax | Tax

It’s no burden – we have a duty to pay tax | Tax
It’s no burden – we have a duty to pay tax | Tax

Jack D Stephen is looking for a phrase to replace “tax burden” (Letters, 10 March). I can help him with an alternative I’ve been using: replace the word tax with duty, as we currently do at airports. Which figure could remain in public life if found to have avoided, let alone evaded, duty to their country? My tax isn’t my burden, it’s a duty to my country that I should be proud to be able to contribute. How would articles in a newspaper read with this one small change? I’d like to see.
Chris Whittaker
Stithians, Cornwall

In his letter pointing out that the phrase “tax burden” is rightwing, Jack D Stephen struggled to come up with an alternative. The Guardian’s excellent style guide recommends using “simpler, less politically loaded terms such as tax, taxation or tax bill”.
Sean Farrell
Ramsgate, Kent

Tax, like a subscription to a golf club, is a fee for the privilege of membership of a wealth-creating society, and ought to be charged proportionally to the amount of financial benefit individuals derive from participation in a market‑driven economy.
Paul Anderton
Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire

Maybe the answer is to focus less on what we’re paying and more on what we’re buying. The real debate is: what should we pay for individually and what should we pay for collectively?
Rosie Boughton

No to “tax burden”. Yes to “tax responsibility”.
Bob Epton
Brigg, North Lincolnshire

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