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Iowa school shooting leaves three Injured; suspected shooter dead | US | News

Iowa school shooting leaves three Injured; suspected shooter dead | US | News

Three people have been injured following a school shooting in Iowa, according to police.

Dallas County Sheriff Adam Infante said the attack had taken place before classes got underway.

The shooter is understood to have died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot, it was reported by NBC News.

It may have been a student who was responsible.

Mr Infante, in a news briefing, said: “Luckily, so there were very few students and faculty in the building, which I think contributed to a good outcome in that sense.”

Two students and an administrator were among the injured, the Sheriff Infante said.

The shooting took place at Perry High School at around 7.30am local time (1;30pm UK time) and officers arrived on the scene minutes later.

Emergency vehicles were called to the scene and surrounded town’s middle school and high school building.

Zander Shelley, 15, had been in a hallway when the shooting broke out and rushed to hide inside of a classroom but was grazed twice, according to his father, Kevin Shelley.

Mr Shelley, who drives a garbage truck, on receiving the text and said to his boss he needed to leave work and added: “It was the most scared I’ve been in my entire life.”

A student named only as Carlos, who was outside the school at the time of the shooting, told NBC News: “We saw a bunch of kids running and we asked what happened… one of my girlfriend’s friends said it was a shooting, there was a shooter with a gun, and we got scared, we thought it was a prank or something.”

“That’s when a bunch of cops started coming and we knew it was serious, we were trying to leave and one of our teachers started screaming at us. That’s when we knew it was serious.”

US president Joe Biden was advised of the situation and his staff were in contact with the governor’s office in Iowa.

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