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iOS 17.4 can automatically add Apple Card purchases to iPhone budgeting apps

iOS 17.4 can automatically add Apple Card purchases to iPhone budgeting apps

Update your iPhone if you haven’t already because iOS 17.4 is now out. The latest iOS update was released on Tuesday and with it comes new emojis as well as other tweaks and updates to the iPhone.

Most of the updates with iOS 17.4, however, are EU related as Apple makes changes pertaining to new regulation called the Digital Markets Act. But, perhaps one of the biggest changes that comes with iOS 17.4 is a new addition:

Apple has added a brand new API called FinanceKit.

What does FinanceKit mean for iPhone users?

FinanceKit allows third-party app developers to safely access and interact with users’ Apple Card, Apple Cash, and Savings with Apple account information.

This integration enables users’ preferred iPhone budgeting apps to pull transactions and balances from user accounts directly into these applications. Budgeting and money management apps Copilot, Monarch, and YNAB are the first three to deploy FinanceKit-powered features that pull this information automatically into a users profile.

“The most requested credit card integration is now live on Copilot Money,” Copilot posted on X. “Starting today, Copilot can keep track of your Apple Card, Apple Cash, and Savings accounts.”

“Big update!” Monarch also posted to X. “In direct collaboration with Apple, Monarch is one of the first to offer full Apple Card, Apple Cash, and Savings support with iOS 17.4. We heard your requests. Now you can sync your wallet directly for seamless budgeting!”

The Apple card, along with Apple Cash and the Savings account, have experienced fairly impressive growth over the years. The Apple Card currently has 12 million cardholders, which enables customers to finance Apple-related purchases and earn cashback.

The new integrations made possible by FinanceKit help users manage their finances without manually inputting the transaction.

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