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Here’s How To Decant Liquid Without A Funnel

Here’s How To Decant Liquid Without A Funnel
Here’s How To Decant Liquid Without A Funnel


A funnel is one of these things, like a letter opener or a shoe horn, that I need regularly enough to buy but which feels like a niche Victorian purchase.

So, I go about my week trying to decant cheap soap into its narrow-necked, fraudulent posh bottle ― and inevitably end up with a bubbly, sticky, oddly hard-to-clean mess on my sink.

Thankfully, former nail tech @finallyjordan shared a hack on TikTok which works brilliantly, no funnel needed.

“Without a funnel, this is gonna be damn near impossible,” she said while pouring liquid from a huge mason jar into a thin-necked bottle.

“If you don’t have a funnel and you don’t want to make a mess, I would recommend either using a chopstick or a straw,” she added.

She placed a chopstick into the receiving bottle and then placed the lip of her pouring container right up against the chopstick while pouring.

“This is going to give your liquid a path to travel down”she explained, pouring a neat stream of liquid squarely into the other bottle “without spilling and without use of a funnel.”

She had shared before revealing the hack that she’d learned the trick in her days as a nail tech, when she’d had to transfer liquids from one container to another pretty regularly ― and grew tired of the constant spillages it created.


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