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Hang on, that voice is familiar – who voices Hades II’s Melinoe?

Hang on, that voice is familiar – who voices Hades II’s Melinoe?

Voice acting in video games is big business and a solid career choice these days if you have the dulcet tones for the job. Very often you will find somebody who voices your favorite character in a video game has often appeared as the voice of many other characters you have played in games over the years.

The latest example of a gaming CV like a fine wine is that of Judy Alice Lee who is currently doing amazing work in the role of Hades II’s main character Melinoe. The game may be in Early Access but the voicework of the brilliant first game has returned to breathe even more life into the sequel.

But this is not Judy’s first gaming rodeo. The Korean American from Los Angeles has been working doing video game and animation voiceovers since her first listed appearance in League of Legends way back in 2009.

Who is Hades 2 voice actress?

Since then she has appeared in most of gaming’s biggest franchises, lending her talents to voice characters you and I will be extremely familiar with.

From voicing Yun Jin in Genshin Impact to Yunifi in the recent and amazing Unicorn Overlord, Judy has also appeared in numerous Call of Duty games and also recently played Ularu Chen in Starfield and Neyrelle in Diablo IV. She also ‘appeared’ in Spider-Man 2 the video game.

In fact it was her performance as Neyrelle that clicked with me when I played Hades II and I first thought, hang on I know this voice. The voice acting in both games is exceptional.

Judy Alice Lee has also done plenty of TV work including the reboot of He-Man: Masters of the Universe, Barbie, Trolls, and Curious George.

You can pretty much bet whatever your next favorite video game is, if you check the credits you could well find Judy Alice Lee amongst them too.

Featured Image: Judy Alice Lee / Supergiant

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