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Halevai launches its American-made long-range electric boat

Halevai launches its American-made long-range electric boat

Young electric boat maker Halevai is on the cusp of production of its flagship model, 2050, which promises some of the best range and power in a blossoming sustainable marine industry. This locally built recreational vessel was designed for safety and performance to provide customers with “the most technologically advanced on-board experience.”

Halevai is a concept boat manufacturer founded in 2020 that combines its expertise in engineering, design, and conservation to try and build the safest, renewable, and cost-efficient electric boats ever made.

For the last four years, Halevai has worked under the radar in research and development to achieve said goal, recruiting trusted partners in the industry, such as Hyper Craft, Mercury Marine, and Navico Group. By utilizing the powertrain and motor technology through scalable partnerships with those marine industry veterans, Halevai believes it can deliver an electric boat that offers the most power at the best price. Per its website:

The American marine landscape is vast and diverse. None of the work we are doing at Halevai is possible without the clear understanding that we must and we will protect the life support system of our planet. Whether we are in a mountain lake, an inlet, a bay or in the open ocean we are connected to the life force of this planet, our ocean. We have a responsibility to protect and communicate with each other and find new ways to boat more responsibly.

The culmination of this R&D is Halevai’s flagship vessel – the Model2050. This 24-foot recreational boat looks like an impressive start and will soon be available to customers looking to navigate waters without all those nasty carbon emissions.

Halevai Model2050 electric boat to begin production soon

Halevai recently launched the Model2050 as its first all-electric vessel available for sale. This 24-foot all-electric boat features a fiberglass-infused E-QXCFM 3515 hull, housing a 60 or 120-kWh marine-grade battery pack and room for ten passengers.

Combined with a Mercury Alpha 1 Gen 2 drivetrain creating 300 hp, Halevai’s Model2050 electric boat delivers a cruising speed of 25 mph and a top speed of 35+ mph, promising up to 50 nautical miles of range on a charge (standard pack). The vessel has a 6.6 kW onboard charger and an optional 30/40/50 amp charging station.

Other features include a customized 12-inch navigation screen, a high-power surround sound system, keyless startup, and three select drive modes.

Halevai recognizes that current boat-building practices need to be cleaner, circular, or sustainable but is committed to leading the movement. The Model2050 is equipped with 100% organic cork flooring, including its 26″ swim deck in the rear.

Halevai’s Model2050 electric boat will commence production this summer at its new White Bluff, Tennessee facility. 35 initial builds are slated for 2024, equating to one or two boats per week. The American-made vessels start at a base price of 185,000. Here’s a better look at the boat in action.

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