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Hades 2 God Mode – what it does and how to activate it

Hades 2 God Mode – what it does and how to activate it

Hades was great. One of the best games in years and now we have the Early Access version of Hades 2 to play with and that makes us very happy here at Readwrite Gaming. While many of the things such as God Mode in Hades 2 will be familiar to you if you played through the first game, if you are new, or even need a refresher, then our Hades 2 pages will help you out now end.

Today we are going to look at Hades 2 God Mode – What it does, how to activate it, and what effect it will have on your game. After you learn all this you will be able to decide if God Mode is for you or not, so let’s crack on shall we?

The Hades 2 options screenThe Hades 2 options screen

How to turn on God Mode.

Hades God Mode makes a return as it was actually in the original game as well and turning it on is simple. You will find it in Hades 2’s Gameplay options – it’s the top option and is off by default.

You can activate it mid-game so you do not need to start from scratch,

What does God Mode do?

While God mode in some games, as well as being generally being known for it, makes you invincible, this is not how it works in Hades 2. Activating it will instantly increase your Damage Resistance by 20% and with each subsequent death it will rise a further 2%, so if you are struggling then the game will get gradually easier for you.

In the original Hades, turning on God Mode disabled Achievements. With Hades 2 being in Early Access, Achievements are not yet activated so there are no side-effects other than that feeling in the pit of your belly that you are deceiving yourself.

But, seriously, if you are genuinely finding things tough going, get it activated and see some more of the great story.

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