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Eva Mendes shares personal story which leaves fans in awe

Eva Mendes shares personal story which leaves fans in awe
Eva Mendes shares personal story which leaves fans in awe


Eva Mendes surprised fans with a personal story from her childhood, as she took to Instagram to reveal that why she may be famed for her beauty now, she didn’t grow up feeling that way.

The star shared a clip of herself smiling at a photoshoot, looking glamorous in a classic white t-shirt with her honey blonde hair perfectly styled in voluminous ringlets. She grinned and laughed to show she was having a great time, and captioned the photo with a message about how she used to be insecure about her smile.

She wrote in Spanish: “When I was young I was told that my mouth was too big, that it wasn’t ‘fine’, but now I love my big mouth because it means I smile bigger too.”

Eva’s story touched many, prompting them to share their own stories of overcoming insecurities. 

“It’s actually crazy how much we let people’s negativity affect us when we are young”, one person commented. “You are so stunningly beautiful with a wonderful smile. As a teen, I was bullied for being overweight and having a ‘manly’ voice and it’s affected me ever since. I hate my voice because of it.”

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Eva remembered a heartbreaking time in her life

The 50-year-old responded: “isn’t it crazy how long those things stay with us ? Thank God for a good therapist ! Sending you loads of love”.

Another person added: “Same here!! At school with my ex-in-laws. For years and I never paid attention to them, I will never have to get botox”, writing the latter part in Spanish.

Eva replied: “you make a good point ! Ha! Besos y cariño”.

The Hitch actress maintains a close relationship with her Instagram followers, similarly chatting to them as she remembered her late brother and the birth of her daughter earlier this month.

Eva admitted that April was a bittersweet month for her, as she remembered what “would have been my brother’s birthday…..in a couple of weeks from now is the day we lost him…but then, the end of April we got the biggest blessing of all, my little girl was born 8 years ago”.

“My brother was married in April. Five years later his son was born in April. Six years later, 13 days before his son turned 6, my brother died in April. Very bittersweet month for my sister-in-law”, one fan commented. 

Eva responded: “I’m so sorry. Here’s to our brothers”, with some heart emojis.


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