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EnviroSpark just got $50M, and it’s ready to hire Tesla Supercharger team talent

EnviroSpark just got M, and it’s ready to hire Tesla Supercharger team talent

Thanks to a new $50 million investment, Atlanta-based EV charging company EnviroSpark wants to hire as many of the Tesla Supercharger team as possible.

The $50 million investment from mid-market infrastructure equity investment firm Basalt Infrastructure Partners will allow EnviroSpark to rapidly grow its owned and operated network across the US, innovate technologies, and make its EV infrastructure more accessible and sustainable.

EnviroSpark wants to do that with laid-off talent from Tesla, specifically the Supercharger team, which was laid off just over a week ago. This pop-up is on its website’s homepage:

Aaron Luque, cofounder and CEO of EnviroSpark, said in an emailed statement:

This is the single greatest talent acquisition opportunity since I founded EnviroSpark. Tesla had been able to scale their charging infrastructure due in no small part to the talented employees on the Supercharger team.

With the help of our recent investment from Basalt, we’re looking to bring on as many of these highly skilled individuals as possible to achieve our ambitious growth objectives.

Following a successful $15 million funding round led by Ultra Capital in 2022, EnviroSpark has made a name for itself in the EV charging market. With more than 8,200 charging plugs all over North America, the company is in a great position to help accelerate EV adoption.

EnviroSpark has recently forged strategic partnerships with RaceTrac, Waffle House, IHG Hotels & Resorts, and Ford Dealerships. These collaborations complement longstanding relationships with Tesla, Volkswagen, Volta, and Starwood Capital Group.

It’s also partnered with the US federal government through the General Services Administration to advance commercial and government EV adoption and secured National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) awards in Georgia and Tennessee.

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