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Emotional last episode of Hairy Bikers airs following Dave Myers’s death | Ents & Arts News

Emotional last episode of Hairy Bikers airs following Dave Myers’s death | Ents & Arts News

The final episode of the Hairy Bikers has aired, after star Dave Myers died earlier this month.

Myers died at the age of 66 towards the end of February, less than two years after revealing his cancer diagnosis.

His death was announced by co-star Si King, who said he was with him when he passed.

But the pair’s final show had already been filmed, taking place as Myers underwent chemotherapy.

The BBC decided to continue to air the series in tribute to Myers, as it began shortly before he died.

Tonight, the final episode of The Hairy Bikers Go West, aired in which the pair enjoyed one last meal together on the popular series.

They cooked up a poached John Dory together, after their 650 mile (1046km) trip down the west coast of the UK.

Speaking afterwards, Myers said: “You know, I’ve had chemotherapy all the time we’ve been filming. It hasn’t been easy, but we’ve got there, you know. And it’s just a wonderful feeling. Being here today with you, you know, I longed for this.

Pic: South Shore Productions/Jon Boast/BBC

“It’s a dream come true, Kingy. Who knows what the future holds? But for the moment I’m living in the present, and it’s pretty fine, I tell you.”

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Dave Myers (right) filmed the final show while undergoing chemotherapy. Pic: South Shore Productions/Jon Boast/BBC

Si said: “We planned to go west mate, and we’ve made it. You know I love him like family and a brother, but it’s… I’m just lost for words. It’s quite remarkable what he’s done.

“This is the payoff for your hard work. To your will, to your effort. It’s so good man.”

In an emotional final scene of the series, the two cooks embraced one another and after the credits a tribute was shown to Myers.

Pic: South Shore Productions/Jon Boast/BBC

“We’ve been on the road now for nearly 20 years, be it, you know, around the Baltic or Africa, and we’ve always found something good. We’ve always found camaraderie and friendship around the table,” they said in the final episode.

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