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Canada: Calling out university professors for statements supporting Hamas’s invasion of Israel

Canada: Calling out university professors for statements supporting Hamas’s invasion of Israel

The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) just released a statement condemning those who criticized University professors who recently came out in support of Hamas terrorists, the Toronto Sun reports.

Apparently, Jill Dunlop, the minister in charge of the province of Ontario’s colleges and universities not only listed the names of these professors but even read their outrageous statements in the Ontario legislature.

Then the minister decided to call a duck, a duck and called them antisemitic.

The CAUT was outraged that university professors should be held accountable for what they said.

“Seems like Canada’s university professors want the freedom to make outrageous statements on social media but don’t want to be called out for those statements,” wrote Brian Lilley in his article for the Toronto Sun.

In her statement in the Ontario legislature, Dunlop added:

“These individuals thought they could hide behind the ivory tower. Well, it’s time for them to touch grass.”

These are the individuals who teach our students. They hold significant authority over the students they teach. How are our students supposed to feel safe when they have anti-Semites teaching them?

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Meanwhile, in American universities

A Stanford University professor has been suspended after he allegedly forced Jewish students in a class to stand up, so he could mock and berate them after the Hamas invasion of Israel.

The New York Post provides more details:

A Stanford University lecturer has been suspended for allegedly making Jewish students stand in a corner while branding them “colonizers” — while also downplaying the Holocaust and defending murderous Hamas terrorists as “freedom fighters.”

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Even the Arab media is questioning the utter brutality of Hamas terrorists. From a Twitter thread by Hassan I. Hassan.

I haven’t seen such relentless interrogation of Palestinian leadership before, esp. in Arabic.

On Saudi Arabia’s main TV channel, Hamas leader is clearly startled by the intensity of the questions & responses to his answers.

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