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Amazon set to release a ‘God of War’ live-action series on Prime Video

“God of War” fans are in for a treat. Amazon announced today that Prime Video is getting a live-action series based on the extremely popular PlayStation game. While a premiere date has not been announced, “God of War” will be available on Prime Video in over 240 countries and territories.

The show will follow Kratos, the God of War, who leaves his gory past in ancient Greece behind him to reside in the Norse realm of Midgard. Kratos mourns the death of his wife and sets out on a treacherous journey with his estranged son, Atreus, to fulfill her dying wish—spreading her ashes from the highest peak. However, on this adventure, Kratos is forced to fight all kinds of new Gods and monsters as his bond with his son is tested.

The new “God of War” series will likely be a huge hit for Amazon. The announcement comes as the “God of War” sequel, “God of War: Ragnarök,” released to the public last month, causing a flurry of excited gamers snatching up copies. Developed by Santa Monica Studio, PlayStation tweeted that “God of War: Ragnarök” was the “fastest-selling first-party launch game in PlayStation history.” The record-breaking game sold a whopping 5.1 million copies in the first week alone.

“The ‘God of War’ is a compelling, character-driven franchise that we believe will captivate our global customers as much with its expansive and immersive worlds as its rich storytelling,” said Vernon Sanders, head of global television at Amazon Studio, in a statement.

Amazon’s latest live-action series joins many other video game adaptations, such as HBO’s upcoming series, “The Last of Us,” Paramount+’s “Halo” and various Netflix series like “Arcane,” “Resident Evil” and “Witcher,” among others.

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