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A Guide to Uber’s Different Ride Types and Options

A Guide to Uber’s Different Ride Types and Options

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Key Takeaways

  • Uber offers various ride types depending on your budget, preferences, and accessibility requirements.
  • Besides standard rides, you can rent a car, book a wheelchair-accessible ride, or hire a car equipped with car seats.
  • Frequent riders can save money by paying for an Uber One subscription.

Uber is one of the world’s largest ride-hailing apps, but it wasn’t always this way. As the service grew, its offering expanded significantly. So, let’s look at the various Uber rides available to help you decide which one to book next time.

Uber’s Economy Rides

Uber’s standard offering is usually more affordable than other local services. There are no fixed prices for Uber rides, so your fare will vary depending on your region and ride type. That said, Uber offers a range of economy rides, so you should find something to suit your budget here.


booking an UberX in the Uber app

UberX is the company’s most common Uber ride option. It is available in most destinations globally and is what many people picture when considering calling an Uber. The service most closely resembles a standard taxi; you call the ride, and the driver will take you and your party of up to three others to your chosen destination.

If each passenger has a different port of call, you can add multiple stops to your Uber ride, too.


booking an UberXL in the Uber app

While the UberX service can only accommodate four people, UberXL allows you to transport up to six passengers or extra luggage without compromising comfort. The car is slightly larger—usually an SUV or a van—to fit more riders, so it costs marginally more.

However, if you’re splitting the fare between passengers, it often works out to a similar per-rider cost.

UberX Sharebooking an UberX Share

UberX Share, previously known as Uber Pool, is among the company’s most affordable ride types. It combines the ease and door-to-door service of UberX, but you share the car with up to two other co-riders. Not only is this type of ride good for the climate, but Uber also claims you can save up to 20% if you travel with a co-rider traveling along your route.

There’s one limitation to UberX Share: you can’t ride with a group of friends and can only request one seat. So, if you’re looking to book a group ride using Uber, UberX is definitely a better option. UberX Share sits somewhere between a taxi and a bus, giving you a direct route to your destination but at a lower cost than a typical Uber journey.

Uber Comfort

booking an Uber Comfort in the Uber app

Uber Comfort should be your go-to if you’re after a little more comfort from your Uber ride. The service offers cars that are a step up from UberX options. With this ride, expect to be picked up in a newer vehicle with adequate legroom.

You also have the option to communicate your preferences to the driver, including choosing from four temperature presets within the app and whether you’d like a quiet ride and prefer not chatting with the rider. So, if you don’t mind spending a little extra for comfort, you can’t go wrong with Uber Comfort.

Uber’s Premium Rides

Uber’s rapid growth over the years has allowed it to bolster its luxury options. Uber’s premium options suit you best if you want to take your ride in comfort, with the same sense of privacy and service as a professional chauffeur.

Uber Black

booking an Uber Black in the Uber app

If UberX is the app-based equivalent of a taxi, then Uber Black is the company’s answer to a professional driver. If you book this service, you can expect all the comforts of having your own driver and a more luxurious car.

Your Uber driver will have a minimum rating of 4.85 stars, and you can ask them to tailor the vehicle’s environment according to your preferences. With Uber Black, you can also enjoy more flexible pickups, and there’s no waiting fee for five minutes. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the cancellation fee until it has been fifteen minutes. Of course, Uber Black adds a premium to your fare to make up for that.

Uber Black SUV

booking an Uber Black SUV in the Uber app

Just as UberX can be upgraded to UberXL for additional passengers, so can Uber Black. If you choose to book an Uber Black SUV, you can expect the same level of comfort and service, but with enough space to accommodate up to six riders.

Both Uber Black services give you additional options like Quiet Mode, temperature control, and luggage assistance. It’s ideal when you’re traveling to the airport with your family.

Additional Uber Ride Types

Many of your journeys just require a car to take you from one place to another, and Uber has many options available for those rides. However, sometimes you’ll need a little extra support or other amenities, and this is where Uber’s additional ride types come in handy.


booking an Uber WAV in the Uber app

If you use a wheelchair, you’ll know that transport options around the world are not only limited but very rarely set up to accommodate your needs. Most Uber cars are not suitable for wheelchairs or mobility scooters. So, if you need to take a ride with your wheelchair, then UberWAV is your best bet.

According to Uber, all UberWAV drivers are certified by a third party for driving and assisting those with disabilities. What’s great is that the pricing point of a WAV ride is also comparable to the company’s most affordable option, UberX.

Uber Car Seat X

booking an Uber Car Seat X in the Uber app

Traveling with a young one can be a stressful experience, not least because you’ll likely need to strap them into a car seat. Most Uber ride types don’t offer car seats, and the vehicles may not even support attaching one, either.

Uber Car Seat X is an excellent option if you’re a parent looking for a safe ride with your child. As of this writing, Uber Car Seat X is only available in New York City.

Uber Car Seat X rides include a Nuna RAVA seat, which is ideal for children who weigh between five and 65 pounds. Uber charges a flat fee of $10 to book this ride type. However, the rates for the ride itself are the same as UberX. Unfortunately, if you have more than one child who needs a car seat, these rides won’t suit you, as they can only accommodate one car seat per vehicle.

Uber Green

booking an Uber Green in the Uber app

Uber states it’s determined to become a zero-emission platform by 2040. In light of this, the company introduced Uber Green in September 2020. Uber Green connects riders with hybrid and fully electric vehicles and is an excellent option if you’re looking for a way to play your part in reducing pollution and improving your city’s air quality.

According to Uber’s claims, each Uber Green trip produces at least 55% less emissions than other ride types.

Uber Taxi

booking an Uber Taxi in the Uber app

As the name suggests, you can also book a traditional cab with Uber Taxi. This ride type is available in more than 90 locations within the United States, and you can request a taxi with just a few taps.

Safety, convenience, and upfront pricing are some of the reasons why booking a taxi via Uber would be better than booking the traditional way. All taxis associated with Uber are driven by fully licensed taxi drivers.

Uber Reserve

reserving an Uber in the Uber app

One of the worst possible things that can happen when you’re running late is your Uber driver canceling on you. To avoid the possibility of such a scenario occurring at the eleventh hour, you can book a ride in advance by using Uber’s Reserve feature. If you’re reserving a ride to or from an airport, you’ll be asked to enter the airline you’re flying with or your flight number while reserving your ride.

Uber will use this information to track your flight and adjust your pickup time accordingly. So, even if your flight is delayed or arrives early, you won’t have to worry about waiting for hours for your driver to arrive. Your driver will also wait for up to an hour after your estimated arrival time at no additional cost. You can reserve your ride up to 90 days in advance and cancel it at no charge an hour before the ride.

Uber Rent

Uber Rent booking page

From a BMW 3 Series to a Chevrolet Bolt, Uber Rent allows you to easily book rental cars from Dollar, Sixt, Hertz, and Avis directly from the Uber app. Depending on whether vehicles are available for same-day pickup, you can rent a car the same day or a few months in advance.

You may rent a car for just an hour or for a maximum of six months. If you’re under 25, a young driver fee may apply. To book a rental car, you’ll need to present your personal credit card for a security deposit. You can cancel your booking 48 hours before your pickup time without an additional charge. You can also have your rental car delivered to your doorstep in select cities with Uber Rent with Valet.

Uber Pet

booking an Uber Pet in the Uber app

As the name suggests, Uber Pet is the most suitable Uber ride type for those with pets. Although you could call a standard UberX, most drivers would refuse pet entry into their vehicles. They aren’t obligated to allow you to ride with them. So, for a reliable, hassle-free journey with your beloved pets, select the Uber Pet option if available.

While there’s no restriction on the breed or size of the pet you can bring on your Uber ride, unless your driver agrees otherwise, you may only bring one small pet. According to Uber’s blog, you don’t need to book Uber Pet if you plan on riding with an assistance dog.

Keep in mind that since you’ll be bringing your furry friend along with you, your ride will cost more than a standard UberX. You may also be charged a cleaning fee if your pet damages the vehicle in any way.

Although the Uber app is a relatively straightforward affair, the company doesn’t offer much guidance to the different Uber rides available in your region. Each ride type is shown in the app without adequate information to help you decide which type of Uber is right for your journey.

Since there are no fixed fees for Uber rides, the cost may vary significantly depending on the time of day and where you are. If you’re a frequent Uber rider looking to save a few dollars every month, consider subscribing to the Uber One membership program.

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