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’90 Day Fiancé’s Loren and Alexei Give Update on Their Three Kids and If They Want Another One (Exclusive)

’90 Day Fiancé’s Loren and Alexei Give Update on Their Three Kids and If They Want Another One (Exclusive)

When it comes to 90 Day Fiancé stars Loren and Alexei having a fourth child, never say never. ET’s Rachel Smith spoke to the couple about the current season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? and they talked about life with three kids — sons Shai and Asher as well as daughter Ariel — and if they want another one.

90 Day Fiancé cameras have followed favorites Loren and Alexei since getting married after meeting in Israel and having three children. Life is definitely different these days for the two, with their eldest, Shai, being just four years old.

“It’s still crazy, I guess he turned four but it didn’t change anything,” Alexei notes of their home life.

Loren adds, “Still crazy, but he’s like, understanding things now. He has full-on conversations with you and you’re like, wait, what, how did you remember? … it’s wild.”

Their youngest, 1-year-old Ariel, is also starting to talk.

“And she is feisty, oh my goodness,” Loren shares of their youngest. 

As for if they want to have more kids, despite undergoing a “natural mommy makeover” that included liposuction and a tummy tuck after her third C-section, Loren says it’s surprisingly a possibility.

“I miss it,” she admits. “[Alexei] said, ‘Oh, you’re gonna have baby fever.’ I’m like, ‘No, I’m not, don’t worry.’ He’s right. I freaking have baby fever. But do I really want to go back? Forget about the surgery, right? You can always get redone but like, do I want to go backwards? I don’t know. Never say never.”

But whatever the future holds, Alexei is insistent that a fourth child would be their last.

“That’s the max,” he says. “That’s where we are. Never say never, but not more than that.”

Meanwhile, when it comes to their family plans, the couple reveals that moving to Alexei’s home country, Israel, is still something they very much want to do in the future — despite Loren’s parents being firmly against it.

“So, we don’t talk about it — my mom and I — we don’t really talk about the move,” Loren shares. “I don’t think they realize that it’s something we still want to do. We talk about it and it’s definitely a goal of ours.”

Alexei adds, “Yeah, I mean, obviously there is a war right now so we’re not gonna move at this moment, but that was also not the plan, honestly. We tried to kind of rush it, but we always had a plan to move there when the youngest is at least three or four years old, not when she just was born. So, it’s still the plan. You know, with everything going on in there, hopefully it will only make things better for the future and safer and there will be some better resolution to what was going on for many years, and maybe it will only make things more better for us to move there and safer for the future and for a long time. So right now, it’s not good.”

As for how long they plan to let 90 Day Fiancé cameras cover their journey, they’re unsure.

“Well, I’m not having babies to stay on 90 Day Fiancé,” Loren cracks.

Alexei adds, “Yeah, no babies. I don’t know, I guess as long as they want, but I never imagined it will be still here 10 years after, shooting Happily Ever After?.”

Loren says they are unsure why fans are so fascinated by their lives.

“I don’t think we still understand it,” she admits. “Like, people come up to us and they’re like, ‘Can we say hi?’ We’re like, ‘Yes, of course.’ Like, we are so normal. … I don’t know, we try not to get caught up in it because we don’t want it to change us. We don’t want it to affect our relationship, our kids, or anything like that.”

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays on TLC.


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