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8 Things Strong, Secure, Stable Women Do Differently

8 Things Strong, Secure, Stable Women Do Differently
8 Things Strong, Secure, Stable Women Do Differently


If you have ever watched a smart, powerful woman walk into the room and hold her own with class, grace, and style, you know the effect she can have on those around her.

It’s not about being rude, demanding, or loud, but more about maintaining a personal constitution that guides her through difficulties and shines a light of inspiration so bright that others can’t help but want to follow in her footsteps. She’s a strong woman in control — and you can be, too.

Here are 8 things strong, stable, secure women do differently:

1. They decide to be powerful

In this life, there isn’t one among us who will not experience fear, anxiety, insecurity, and all kinds of other “negative” emotions that can and will tear us down if we allow them to. It’s easy to let those intrusive thoughts linger.

But strong women have chosen to make the powerful decision to fully commit to themselves for the long haul, come what may. They truly embrace the idea that they will never give anything (or anyone) the power to break them.

Photo: Ayaka Kato / Pexels

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2. They know what they stand for

Living in sync with your value system is commendable, as you don’t allow anyone else to convince you otherwise. When you aren’t living authentically, expect problems to arise when you don’t actually know what your values are.

Strong women take the time to pay attention to what matters most to them, while also doing internal checks every so often to make sure they’re not holding onto ideals and values that no longer fit their life.

Strong, stable, secure women are aware that not letting go of what no longer serves them can turn “honorable” into inflexible and limiting. And they just aren’t willing to spend their lives living as someone they aren’t.

3. They have a deep and meaningful faith in their ability to survive

While it’s not always easy to “keep the faith” in tough times, strong women remind themselves of all of the trials, tribulations, and traumas they’ve faced, moved through, and learned from in the past. In fact, it’s a constant inspiration for them.



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