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37% of Americans believe aliens from outer space are living among us, survey finds

37% of Americans believe aliens from outer space are living among us, survey finds

According to a survey paid for by and conducted by Talker Research, 37% of Americans believe that there are aliens from outer space secretly living on Earth, the NY Post reports.

But they are disguised, and 39% are convinced that their boss is one of them. (A bit of tongue in cheek here, as more Americans believe their boss is an alien, than those who actually believe Aliens are secretly living on Earth.)

Another 33% think these aliens could be disguised as celebrities.

On the other side of the alien belief spectrum, 41% do not believe aliens are living among us, while the remaining 22% are unsure.

Meanwhile, the same poll found that over half of Americans, 53%, believe that aliens do exist, while only 34% do not.

Aliens were big news in 2023. Along with the US government holding committee meetings to discuss UFOs, we had:

  • 10′ aliens being spotted in Peru,
  • An 8 to 10′ alien showing up in a family’s backyard in Las Vegas,
  • Aliens being displayed in Mexico’s congress, and
  • Actress Goldie Hawn discussing her personal encounter with an alien.

All this alien news led me to produce three podcasts on aliens.

The first asks, how are Christians to respond if aliens are real? Did you know that arguably the world’s greatest evangelist, Billy Graham, actually believed in aliens?

The second podcast deals with the issue of how do we explain all those UFO sightings, if aliens do not exist?

Oh, yeah, I also did a podcast discussing Goldie Hawn’s alien encounter:

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