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11 Painfully Honest Truths About Dating A Middle Child

11 Painfully Honest Truths About Dating A Middle Child
11 Painfully Honest Truths About Dating A Middle Child


I’m the middle child of three boys. All my life, I’ve heard people tell me, “I can tell that you’re a middle child.” It’s the hardest position to grow up in, and you may develop middle-child syndrome. Oldest and youngest siblings have well-defined characteristics due to birth order, but the middle child is a real wild card. That said, if you’re dating a middle child, you might not know how to deal with them. But here are 11 things you’ll always find to be true.

Here are 11 painfully honest truths about dating a middle child:

1. We’d like some attention, please

The obvious stereotype about middle children is that we’re desperate for attention. This is kind of true, but the reality is that we don’t need that much attention. A little bit goes a long way. Middle children don’t need a parade every time they enter a building. Youngest children, however, well…

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2. We give and take good advice

Probably the hardest part about being a middle child is that you’re forced to play two roles. You’re a big brother and a little brother. That dual role isn’t easy but it pays off later in life. I have no problem giving people advice, but if I don’t know what I’m talking about, I have no problem saying that, either.

3. Please acknowledge our achievements

It’s not that parents don’t care when the middle kid does something; they just care a little bit less. Childhood is full of baloney accomplishments, and parents can only pretend to be excited about them for so long. The thing is, as a kid, you don’t realize that graduating the third grade isn’t that big of a deal. To our dumb child brains, it just looks like our parents don’t care about what we’ve accomplished. We just want people to notice that we did something.

4. We’re un-confidently confident

Another aspect of being both big and little sibling is a weird level of confidence. Being the older sibling gives you confidence because you have more experience than your little siblings. The younger ones are always being corrected by their elders. I had to deal with both. That means that even when I’m confident about something, I might still seem unconfident. I’m secure in that I know what I’m doing, but I’m also aware that I might be wrong.

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